I'm Jordan Nwukor

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Expert


My name is Jordan Nwukor. I am an E-commerce Nerd based in Atlanta. Crossing the river of digital commerce was a harrowing journey, but worth it. I’ve always felt like technology works best when it improves people’s lives and makes life easier for everyone. Buying and selling moving from the days of the general store to an online marketplace is an exciting exhilarating ride that I want to see more of. Our behaviors and selves are extended by our online presence, as well as stores itself. Previously believed Limits stretch or change, when there are more possibilities.Just like on Wreck-It Ralph II, seeing all the booths and websites “live”, and being able to virtually browse a ‘store’ that is always open fascinates me.

Learning people’s thoughts patterns and behaviors reasons for peoples behavior. If you can’t change the wind, adjust the sails.

In a few words:

peaceful, calm, resolute, deep like a river, curious, and relentlessly passionate.


Product Landing; Page Design; Creating Digital Storefronts; E-Commerce Market Research; Sales Data Analysis; Product Procurement; Amazon Seller Central; Amazon Vendor Central; Enhanced Brand Content; CSS; HTML; Optimizing Keywords; PPC Product Ads; Inventory Management; Increasing Product Visibility; Marketo; Shopify;