Don’t Be Cheap. Be Competitive.

For many years, I have been developing websites online as a “digital nomad” wandering the web for internet gigs and unique opportunities. When I was not so…

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Overcoming Fear: Step by Step

Whenever there was something that I dreamed of doing, places where I wished to travel, or the person that I wanted to become, I was always met…

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Web Design & Development

How the solution to one of the web’s most despised jobs, is going to make all web work virtually obsolete. Do you remember the milkmen of the…

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Why Attention is the New Money

Money is used in lieu of attention, trust, network & time. That’s why if you have enough people focusing their attention and heart on any subject, money…

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How to Write an Impressive Linkedin Profile

A few months ago, I was freelancing and looking for more web work. While I was researching how to get a good paying position, I learned about…

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How to Build Your Own App Startup – The Guide

This won’t be a motivational post, or suggestive commentary. If you have an idea that you want to turn into reality, you’ll need a game plan to…

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