Web Design & Development

Funeral Home Reviews

Funeral Home Reviews is a service that helps families in their time of need find a trusted funeral home in their local area.

For Funeral Home Reviews, our challenge was to create a review rating site that helped users quickly find trustworthy funeral homes in a time of grieving.

In the discovery phase we had several sessions with the client to uncover who the target audience was, the tone to convey and to choose a platform that would be easy for them to make changes on.

In our research process, we filtered through hundreds of concepts and websites around services in similar verticals to find a harmony between form and function.

PHASE II: Rebranding For A Different Audience

After presenting the initial designs, there were a few sessions where it became clear that the audience would be better suited to a design that was more simple with larger fonts and fewer colors for older visitors.

We needed to go back to the drawing board, to make accessibility, & Legibility our top priorities.

PHASE III: Creating the WordPress site

For the next phase, we took the design that was approved and work on the site in three main parts. We built the front end design using a wordpress bootstrap responsive boilerplate template.

We then took that coded version of the design and worked to incorporate WordPress functionality so that it would work with plugins and updates that the client would need later down the line.

Finally, we added in the custom functionality that helps the review portion of the site to run, as well as help to create the backend and ranking system for reviews.