Gravitas is a plus-size minimalist chic fashion shop providing apparel to young business women who seek a striking aesthetic that matches their body type.

For Gravitas, we were asked to create the logo and identity system for the store. The client sought a logo that could also be used as a recognizable letter mark for product packaging and shipping material.

The word Gravitas (grăvˈĭ-täsˌ) has several meanings: weight, substance, a dignified demeanor, and was one of the respected roman virtues.

A lettermark can be used as a shorthand way to represent a business and can carry over well to advertising, letterheads and more.

After our initial consultation, we did some research to delve into insights about the industry and their target audience. We then created a ~100 lettermark sketches exploring different concepts for the letter “G” that would appeal to their customers.

PHASE II: Lettermark Selection & Digital Rendering

After presenting the letter marks, our client selected a sketch that really fit their brand.

We took the winning concept and began to refine it on grid paper to ensure that it would look accurate at multiple sizes and would fit within a square ratio.

We took the final sketch and worked on refining the digital vector version.

PHASE III: Typeface Pairing & Logo Variations

For the next phase, we tested several font pairings to “match” the custom made G mark and spell out the rest of the letters (G-ravitas).

After narrowing down the fonts to three types, we created variations of each typeface based on letter-spacing, thickness, and size.

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