Youtube Influencer Network - Advertiser Onboarding

Content Blvd

Content Blvd is a Youtube Influencer Network that connects companies with video talent to feature and promote their products.

Our Task was to create a visual onboarding process for new companies to select influencers to work with for their first campaign.

Our first steps in designing the onboarding, where by looking at what ContentBlvd had originally.

Their logo is fresh and vibrant, but they were actively working on a new platform for their users, and needed someone to come in and help them with transforming the brand and creating some concepts for a new influencer marketplace.

PHASE II: Understanding Youtube Influencer & Content Networks

We started learning more about the influencer industry, youtube content networks, and the kind of marketplace interactions that would be taking place on the updated platform.

From that we worked with the existing brand colors, to create a process that would quickly bring new users into contentblvd and get them quickly paired with an influencer for their products.

We used invision to help us pinpoint and discuss elements of the design (User interaction and experience) that needed to be tweaked or updated.

After a few rounds of iterations, we developed the final designs.

PHASE III: Coding the Designs in Bootstrap

For the next phase, we took the design that was approved and developed it with bootstrap and jquery to build out the proof of concept.

The client had their own technical team and could take the work that we did on the front end, and supplement that with their server side logic (registering users & updating account information.)