Isaiah Nwukor – About Me

My name is Isaiah.
If you've made it this far without turning back already, kudos to you. Instead of the standard boring drudgery that is the resume & CV, I wanted to tell you what I'm about in the best way I can: through song and dance  a few quick anecdotes.

I love to figure out how things work and improve them

this compelling curiosity that drives me to learn more about things that I believe will impact people in positive ways. If I find a way to do something better, I plan it out and work to get the job done right.

This passion has taken me on many learning journeys: I learned to code (HTML, CSS, JS, JQUERY,ANGULAR PHP, SQL) but I've also learned about the importance of great design and have enjoyed learning more for the past few years.

I love it when my ideas and creations are useful to others.

I have years of involvement with building and growing successful ecommerce shops, in the roles of Brand Strategist, Programmer & Designer.

Here is my most recent shopify design created for desktop and mobile:

The Rack - Shopify Fashion Ecommerce Theme

When the Designer is also a developer, less gets lost in translation and you end up with a much cleaner website in less time.

Five Random Things about me

  • I'm an INTJ - Basically this means that I'm an Introvert that enjoys their thinking time, and sometimes solitude.
  • I dig Virtual Reality - Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, Hololens. Im excited for the advent of all ar and vr tech. ( I also write about it on my blog -linked)
  • I'm a Manga/Anime Fan - I've read so many manga that I've lost count.
  • I Love to Doodle:

  • Some Interests of mine: writing, art, karaoke/singing, Music (Piano, Jazz, world), DIY, meditation, scenic nature escapes, waterfalls, and of course cats.

I'm ready for a new adventure

My goal is to work as a digital nomad, traveling to scenic destinations while I code and design. My experience working as a freelancer has taught me how to self direct and get work done from my desk

I would to work with an amazing team, supported by modern entrepreneurs who aren't limited to working in one central location.

If you are interested in working with me or having me on your team, let me know 🙂

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