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Amazon has millions of products on its platform. How will your brand stand out to customers?

Listing optimization is one of the most crucial factors for making sure your products get sold on Amazon Seller Central. When customers look for a product on Amazon, most people buy the products that appear on the first page.

Not investing in Listing Optimization means your products aren’t as visible.

Here’s how we can help.

We will find the best keywords for your category, and add them your store backend to increase SEO for each listing.

Keywords are not “just” search terms!

They represent customer intent, needs, and desires. We will help you match your products to Amazon customer searches to help boost product sales and increase awareness of your brand.

Need your listings repaired?         

Inactive, listing enhancement, needs white background photo…. These phrases should be familiar to you if you have been selling on Amazon Seller Central for an extended time.

Having dozens or even hundreds of listings on Amazon with errors can be daunting. Your listings need repairing, but you are so busy with other tasks. It’s tempting to put this off and forget about how much money you’ve invested in inventory that’s inactive. But that can cost you big time.

If your listings are inactive, customers can’t purchase your products. But you still have to pay storage fees on this inventory.

Inventory issues caused by inactive listings can be disastrous for your business.

Let us help you free up this inventory, repair your listings, and get those products sold to customers. Optimizing and fixing errors on listings is crucial because it allows your business cycle to flow more smoothly.

Then you can get back to focusing on how to grow and expand your business!

Amazon Storefront Design

An Amazon Storefront, can be a great way to display all of your products on one central landing page. This allows buyers to view your available products and increases brand recognition on the platform.

We can help you design an Amazon storefront that shares your brand’s story, speaks to your audience, and can lead to developing long term customers.

Enhanced Brand Content

Designing Enhanced Brand Content makes each of your product description’s more dynamic, with more images and enables you to tell your brand’s story to each customer who appears on your listing.

This can help engage your audience and increase sales.

Enhanced Brand Content is only available if you’ve signed up for Amazon Brand Registry.

Let’s get started on designing your EBC and making your listings more dynamic.



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